Tony Pappas

Senior Software Engineer
Full-Stack Developer

Tony Pappas

Senior Software Engineer, Full-Stack Developer

Hi, I'm Tony Pappas. I'm a professional software engineer, webmaster, and musician.

I've mastered the integration of both computer science and music theory and have taught my computer how to play the drums, piano, guitar, and bass. I've created the largest music patterns database in the world and my company, Prosonic Studios, leads the way in midi music production and continues to be a cutting-edge software developer for hundreds of thousands of musicians across the globe.

I am excited to announce the release of my newest book, "How to Get RICH in The A.I. Revolution". This book delves into the research I conducted on the upcoming "AI Gold Rush" and the findings will blow your mind! I spent countless hours compiling the latest developments in AI so you can get in early and make bank. In this comprehensive guide, I share what I've learned on how to tap into the vast potential of AI and use it to build a fortune. From identifying the most promising AI investments and startups to leveraging the power of AI in your own business, "How to Get RICH in The A.I. Revolution" covers it all.

I've created and published six hi-tech reference/instructional books for guitarists. These books are for players who want to expand their color palette with more chords so they can spice up their songs and make their music more interesting. They've been hailed as, "the most comprehensive books on chords since Ted Greene's Chord Chemistry" (Greene's "Chord Chemistry" is the gold-standard for chord books).

Between 2008 and 2011 I created "Intergalactic Highway" with my Ghosts of Orion project. "Intergalactic Highway" is a concept album that contains space age science fiction music. I did everything myself. (the very definition of "alternative music") I created the album cover, the website, the photos, the concept, wrote the music, performed the instruments, recorded, mixed, and mastered the whole album here at Prosonic Studios.

I've just released two state-of-the-art web applications,

  • Sessions™: a cutting-edge 3D simulator that teaches people how to play the guitar, piano, and bass much faster than traditional methods. It also serves as an interface to my library of harmonic progressions and melodic patterns. (the largest database of progressions and melodic patterns in the world)
  • Chord Book Online: the largest Guitar Chord Progression Book in the world, where guitar players can view and hear thousands of professional-quality chord progressions on any device, i.e. computer, iPad, or phone.

I also perform contract work for various corporations around the United States and I own and operate PC DOCTORS, LLC - a computer service and software development firm and PROSONIC STUDIOS, LLC - a music software and multimedia development studio.

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